What Clients Are Saying

Jane consults with both private and corporate clients in her practice. Their results speak for themselves. Their words of encouragement inspire hope that, with education, support and guidance, anyone can make lifelong changes to optimize their health.

Private Consulting Testimonials
"I cannot say enough good things about Jane. I have been working with her to heal my gut after some complicated GI diagnoses. Not only is she more knowledgeable than most of the doctors I’ve seen over my lifetime, she is thorough and takes the time to get to know the whole picture. She has been incredibly flexible and accommodating with scheduling appointments and always responds to emails quickly. I highly recommend Jane and am grateful for her giving me hope to get my life back!"
Amanda H.
“When my gastroenterologist recommended that I see a nutritionist for the formula-related digestive issues I was having, Jane was my first thought. She took a thorough history and really listened to my concerns. She found a formula for me that was less processed than others and then worked with me to 'tweak' my intake to be optimal, allowing me to gain the weight I needed, and maintain it successfully for almost a year now."
Anne C.
It was a pleasure to meet Jane, I wanted to meet her in person for our first appointment to get a better feeling of her and her approach to my issues and food. She was highly recommended and they were right! She is exactly what I wanted, helping me choose the best way of eating, getting the nutrients I need, and solving my medical issues by dietary adjustments, with necessary supplements.
Betty G.
"I highly recommend Jane Schwartz! She has helped me navigate chronic digestive issues and is always advocating for SAFE and holistic options. She responds promptly to emails to guide her clients along the way of a lifestyle change. While doctors are often busy pushing pharmaceuticals, I feel GOOD knowing that Jane has my back as my holistic advocate!"
Erin L.
"Jane has played a key role in my recovery from and management of a chronic illness that greatly affected my GI tract. Having lost a significant amount of weight and finding myself at a loss for how to even go about eating properly during what will be a lengthy period of recovery, one of my doctors referred me to Jane and I am so glad that she did. While Jane is clearly knowledgeable about her field and is up to date on current research, it is her sincerity and compassion that stood out to me, especially at the start of our work together when I was really struggling. Jane's care for her clients comes through both in her office consults and follow up emails where she attaches helpful reminders, recipes and encouraging advice to get you through the tough days. She replies to your questions quickly and works with insurance to ease any issues in that area. I have seen marked improvement in less than two months that I never could have imagined possible over the past few years. I highly recommend Jane and I am thankful for all that she has done for me."
Sarah S.
“My weight is down 20 pounds since I first met with Jane. Even better, my recent blood work was terrific. My cholesterol dropped and my long-term blood sugar shifted from pre-diabetes, where it has been for the last several years, to normal. I am still enjoying new foods and am all vegan several days a week. Even the stress of my move hasn’t driven me to carb out!"
Christina K.
"After being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, I was so confused trying to navigate through which foods would be good (or bad) for the condition and wanted to do my best to make choices that would help promote better health all around. I am so thankful I found Jane! She has taught me so much in a short time and her guidance has made the changes seem doable, exciting and tasty :) She allowed me the opportunity to pick her brain with lots of questions and provided wonderful insight and knowledge. Over a short period of time, I have physically felt improvements and feel much more confident in making food choices. My mind and body thank her!"
Shannon S.
"Jane Schwartz was recommended from networking from my sister, a dietitian in another state. We needed someone who could address the underlying issues, not an ignorant medical model allopathic practitioner. At day one we got practical, actionable advice and were met with a mix of knowledge and humility, and great listening, as well as a focus on feelings and intuition rather than counting calories and a punitive approach. Thank you."
Raeleine J.
"Would highly recommend to anyone suffering from any sort of chronic symptoms. Unlike traditional MD's, Jane will use top-notch diagnostic tests (in my case this was a gluten-intolerance test and microbiome test) and use the results to formulate an individual, non-prescription plan to get you back to health. Personally, my experience with traditional MD's and specialists consisted of vague diagnoses and a long list of prescription drugs and antibiotics that were essentially nothing more than a giant band-aid. Instead of offering me yet another band-aid aimed at simply numbing symptoms, Jane worked with me to find the ROOT of my symptoms and helped me create a plan to ACTUALLY get better."
Jake M.
“I cannot thank you enough for your guidance since last spring! Just got new blood work back on Friday, and my HgA1C is down from 5.9 to 5.4, within normal range! Besides lowering that all important number, my total cholesterol dropped 13 points, and that’s with all the eggs and other healthy fats you encouraged me to eat! I have also dropped about 5 pounds. I’m assuming that adding the protein sources and cutting back carbs has led to that. Most days I now start with the mocha tahini shake, and it sustains me through all my intense morning exercise. THANK YOU!”
A. Bloom
Corporate Consulting Testimonials:
“Jane is professional, engaging and enthusiastic. She provided worthwhile options to lose weight and eat healthy. Jane is willing to work with your lifestyle and eating habits to accomplish your goals."
Barbara Vanning | Princeton Healthcare Community Education
“Jane's knowledge not just of healthy dietary issues but also of how some of them apply specifically to Parkinson’s patients was impressive. She handled frequent questions and occasional interruptions with a relaxed, casual style that suited our informal format perfectly.”
Susan Spencer | Princeton Windrows Community Chair
“Dear Jane, Bravo for your enthusiastic, informed and confident presentation on Sunday. Our members confirmed my opinion: interesting, valuable, and well presented. Thank you for taking the time to enrich us.”
Merle Rose | Community Without Walls, Princeton NJ
“Jane consistently does outstanding presentations for the Community Education & Outreach programming at PHCS. She connects beautifully with all ages, and distills the complex world of nutrition into a fun and understandable format.”
Carolyn Schindewolf, RN | Princeton Healthcare
“Jane is a class act. She delivers interesting nutrition topics that relate to the audience. Prior to any event, Jane gains information about who will be attending, room size, available technology, and what attendees are most interested in learning about. She is well organized and dependable. Clients routinely comment about how her presentation helped them change their way of eating and become more conscious of making better meal choices. I always know Jane will deliver a fabulous, motivating and educational presentation. She is intelligent, well spoken, and an engaging speaker!"
Kristen Goering, Customer Relations Manager |Occupational Health and Outpatient Rehabilitation, UMCPP
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