Nutritional Counseling

What does it take to make a successful lifestyle change? How can you make healthy eating habits stick? It starts with an integrative approach to nutrition counseling that includes education, support and self-discovery.

Jane is passionate about nutrition. Every day she strives to teach her clients new ways to view their own eating habits. She asks her clients to take a careful look at the food choices they make and, more important, what drives them to make them. Above all else, she encourages patients to focus on what they can have instead of what they can’t have. Food is nourishment.

Jane's holistic, down-to-earth approach takes into account behavior and exercise habits, medications, supplements, past and current dietary patterns, chronic conditions and lifestyle. Her advice is geared toward making realistic improvements that focus on lifestyle change and not quick-fix solutions. She tailors this approach for each client on an individual basis. While many people today are trying to lose weight or manage a specific health problem, they all share the common goal of improving their health.

"My goal is to help you find the right balance of delicious, nutritious foods so you look forward to eating every day. I will teach you how to blend wholesome, homemade cooking with “Jane approved” healthy convenience foods so that you don’t spend all day in the kitchen. Unless, of course, you want to!"
–Jane Schwartz, RDN, CLT

Get Started

Ready to make an investment in your health? Choose the plan that meets your goals, lifestyle and budget. Be sure to see my insurance page (under the "About" section) to check if coverage is an option.


Take the first step towards achieving your wellness goals. This includes a comprehensive consultation where we address your current lifestyle and eating patterns. We also review your medical history and lab work, exercise habits, food cravings, medications, supplements and stress factors.

Together we determine the best plan for your needs and if any testing is required. I will set you up with a targeted plan to move forward including meal and recipes ideas to get you started on your way.


This package includes everything in Basic, plus three follow-up appointments. You’ll receive the education, encouragement and motivation you need to continue your “eating well” journey.  

Follow-up visits give us a chance to review food journals, discuss and tackle any obstacles or setbacks, review test results/tweak supplements (if necessary), and continue to develop new goals as old ones are met. Follow-up visits may also be done online or by phone.


If you are looking for intensive, continued and consistent support, this package is for you. It includes everything in the Nutrition Boost and more. Your commitment to a longer-term plan can help you to achieve the best results.

  • Unlimited VIP support for 3 months
  • Includes in person, virtual and/or phone consults 
  • Targeted goal setting and accountability to keep you on track
  • Perfect for stubborn weight loss and chronic health conditions.