What Clients Are Saying

Jane consults with both private and corporate clients in her practice. Their results speak for themselves. Their words of encouragement inspire hope that, with education, support and guidance, anyone can make lifelong changes to optimize their health.

Private Consulting Testimonials
“Since working with Jane, I have felt like a brand-new person. I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease a year ago, and until meeting with Jane, would never have known how much an impact food could have on my condition. Within a week (of meeting with Jane), I had more energy, was sleeping so much better, and my skin was feeling and looking healthier. Not to mention my pain that had been triggered on almost a daily basis was gone. I also lost 12 unwanted pounds in a month! I am so happy to have made this change, and I know it will be a permanent lifestyle adjustment!”
Bridget Schmidt
"I went to see Jane on my doctor's advice to manage a high A1C score. My A1C had risen to 6.5% when I went to see her, and after 6 weeks it was down to 5.9%. Six weeks later it was down to 5.8%. Additionally, I lost more than 10 pounds in the process. Jane is extremely knowledgeable, and easy to work with. Never any pressure. She has given me clear advice that's been easy to adapt to my lifestyle. I'm never hungry and I feel more energetic than before. I highly recommend her without any reservations."
Rafael A.
I consulted Jane Schwartz, for my health/weight about two months ago. My biggest concern was how do I lose weight. Jane was very soft spoken and incredibly nice in explaining how to eat right and be fully satisfied. The overall consultations was a very relaxed environment, where I could express my concerns regarding my diet with no judgment because of how Schwartz gave advice with such comfort and reassurance. When I achieved my weight goal, I experienced a sense of overwhelming happiness. I would highly recommend anyone who is struggling to lose weight to consult Jane Schwartz.
Akila R.
"Jane really helped me to make small, practical changes with significant impact. I must have tried every diet in the book, but couldn't get the unwanted weight off. I am a busy mom of 2 and work full-time, so I needed something easy to apply. I'm down 13 lbs and counting thanks to her guidance!"
Jennifer H.
Jane is simply amazing! I owe my return to normal to her. Being diagnosed with celiac I was suffering from extreme fatigue and GI discomfort despite of a gluten free diet. Jane patiently listened to every symptom I described and guided me accordingly. Within days, my blood work was back to normal! Just follow what she suggests and you will see a difference!
Sukhmani K.
Jane has been instrumental this year in helping my adult autistic daughter achieve a healthy weight after several failed attempts to do so over the past five years. Working closely with my daughter's caregivers both at her home and at her workplace, Jane provided clear guidelines for meal prep, overall nutritional parameters and specific product recommendations. She also offered a wealth of delicious and easy to prepare recipes for meals and snacks that are tailored to my daughter's food preferences so that everyone in her life could "play the game" of feeding her successfully and enthusiastically. My daughter has lost 25 pounds over 7 months, without evident deprivation and while enjoying a wide variety of meals, snacks and treats. She has learned to appreciate and accept new foods and healthy variations of her old favorites. Jane always responded immediately and fully to multiple requests for further info, including detailed troubleshooting when weight loss stalled - with the very effective advice to cut exercise time but vary the intensity.
Emmy Z.
Jane was extremely knowledgable, easy to work with, and devoted to helping me get better, which I did! She worked with my insurance, met on Skype when I couldn't get to the office, was available for a quick question, and sent me useful information and ideas. The doctors I saw didn't have the depth of knowledge about or an understanding of the nuances of my condition, and I was feeling hopeless, in the dark about how to proceed. Jane's evidence-based expertise and encouragement led the way back to health. I'm grateful to have found her, and I highly recommend her.
H. Faller
“We had a wonderful and productive meeting to discuss how to help my husband get through chemo and radiation without too large a loss of weight. He has tolerated (his treatments) very well and lost only between 4 and 5 pounds, which the doctor thought was very good.”
B. Pervin
“Jane doesn’t dictate what you should do – she makes you an active participant in making positive changes in your life. She is extremely pleasant and knowledgeable and is definitely 'on my side.' She taught me new techniques and reinforced what I already knew about eating and overeating. She advocates gradual changes – and is not heavy-handed in her approach."
Paula D.
"Jane is AMAZING! She has helped my husband and myself take control of our eating and health. We both feel so much better and have learned that how we eat is a choice. The side benefit of weight loss has been nice also!"
Shannon L.
Corporate Consulting Testimonials:
“Jane is professional, engaging and enthusiastic. She provided worthwhile options to lose weight and eat healthy. Jane is willing to work with your lifestyle and eating habits to accomplish your goals."
Barbara Vanning | Princeton Healthcare Community Education
“Jane's knowledge not just of healthy dietary issues but also of how some of them apply specifically to Parkinson’s patients was impressive. She handled frequent questions and occasional interruptions with a relaxed, casual style that suited our informal format perfectly.”
Susan Spencer | Princeton Windrows Community Chair
“Dear Jane, Bravo for your enthusiastic, informed and confident presentation on Sunday. Our members confirmed my opinion: interesting, valuable, and well presented. Thank you for taking the time to enrich us.”
Merle Rose | Community Without Walls, Princeton NJ
“Jane consistently does outstanding presentations for the Community Education & Outreach programming at PHCS. She connects beautifully with all ages, and distills the complex world of nutrition into a fun and understandable format.”
Carolyn Schindewolf, RN | Princeton Healthcare
“Jane is a class act. She delivers interesting nutrition topics that relate to the audience. Prior to any event, Jane gains information about who will be attending, room size, available technology, and what attendees are most interested in learning about. She is well organized and dependable. Clients routinely comment about how her presentation helped them change their way of eating and become more conscious of making better meal choices. I always know Jane will deliver a fabulous, motivating and educational presentation. She is intelligent, well spoken, and an engaging speaker!"
Kristen Goering, Customer Relations Manager |Occupational Health and Outpatient Rehabilitation, UMCPP
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